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E6B Flight Computer

The FlightReady E6B is a full-featured and easy-to-use flight computer for iPhone and iPad.

Includes the most common flight planning functions, unit conversions, weight and balance functions, and time utilities.

Updated for iOS 13, and includes support for multi-tasking, split screen, and landscape viewing. Use it side-by-side with your favorite charting or flight-planning application.

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Force Touch Support

Quick Access
Via Force Touch

On supported devices you can quickly access the Functions and Conversions menus, the Time Calculator, and start and stop the flight log timer.

Calculate Heading and Groundspeed E6B Flight Planning Functions

Flight Planning Functions

Plan Leg

  • True airspeed and heading for given wind
  • Leg time, distance, and groundspeed
  • Required fuel, fuel flow, and endurance

Airspeed Functions

  • Actual True Airspeed and Mach Number
  • Plan True Airspeed and Mach Number

Wind Functions

  • Wind Components
  • Find Unknown Wind

Altitude/Climb Functions

  • Pressure, density, and true altitude
  • Descent rate for a given gradient and groundspeed
  • Top of descent
  • Convert between percent, degrees, and ft/min gradient
Change Units

Changing Units

Supports metric and imperial units.

Tap on the label next to each field to change between available units.

E6B Conversions



  • Celsius
  • Fahrenheit
  • Kelvin
  • Rankine


  • Statute Miles
  • Nautical Miles
  • Kilometers
  • Meters
  • Feet


  • Knots
  • Miles per Hour
  • Feet per Minute
  • Meters/Second
  • Mach @ ISA


  • Inches Mercury
  • Millibar
  • Kilopascal
  • Pascal
  • Std. Atm.
  • Lbs/sq. in.


  • Jet-A
  • Jet-B
  • 100LL
  • Water

Weight & Mass

  • Pounds
  • Kilograms
  • Ounces


  • Square Miles
  • Square NM
  • Square KM
  • Square Meters
  • Square Feet


  • Gallon
  • Liter
  • Ounce
  • Quart
  • Cup
Weight & Balance

Weight and Balance

Calculate center of gravity and moment in lb-in and kg-cm.

Find change in center of gravity from shifting weight, changing weight, or both.

Find center of gravity as a % of MAC.

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Settings Night Mode


Change between day and night display modes.

Change the units precision for conversions to zero, one, two, or three decimal places. This does not change the precision in functions.

Time Utilities

Time Utilities

FlightReady E6B includes a time calculator, standard calculator, flight log calculator, and an IFR timer.

Flight Log Calculator

Flight Log Calculator

Just enter the out, off, on, and in times, and the flight log calculator provides the block and flight times.

You can also force touch the app icon to trigger the start of taxi and takeoff, and then the landing and block in time.

Time Calculator

Time Calculator

Use the time calculator to add times entries for aircraft and pilot logbooks


Standard Calculator

A standard calculator is also included.

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